Taewoong, Roh

Steven Wilson

Minsook, Jang


Past Exhibition


Shinsegae Gallery Incheon 22 Feb - 2nd Apr

Event - W-Zone "POP-I-CORN TIME"



Steven Wilson Solo Exhibition is held at Shinsegae Gallery in Korea. This is his fourth exhibition in Korea in 2018.



Steven Wilson is an artist who meets modern society’s demands for visual arts but simultaneously responds with inimitable colours and grammar so as to create his own context. Hailed from London, the Europe-based artist collects ordinary objects scattered about us, adds his exclusive choice of colours and visual qualities, and inserts them in myriads of advertisements and products that are consumed around the world. Since the thriving days of pop art, his is an emerging area in modern art where he produces artwork that switches back and forth between product/merchandise and art. His works and images are more actively and profoundly involved in our daily life than those before, catching our eyes and senses.

Jun-heon Park (Art Theory, President of Art Management UNION)


Past Exhibition 


Gallerie BHAK in Seoul, Korea 

10-27 Apr 2018


Taewoong, Rho Solo Exhibition will be held at Gallerie BHAK in Korea. This is the his Second exhibition after successfully finished his first exhibition at the Jeju Comtemporary art Museum this year in 2018.




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